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about us

Who are we?

As Toys for Adults, we are the distributor of the world's best RC brands with our store in Istanbul Mecidiyeköy and our e-commerce site. We are shaping the RC industry in Turkey with dozens of brands and models such as Traxxas, Horizon Hobby, ProBoat, Hangar 9, LOSI, and event sponsorships.

Over 15 Years of Service

We introduced RC hobby to more than 5000 customers with our e-commerce site and Mecidiyeköy store on this road that we started with our İstinye Park store in 2009.

What is RC Hobby?

RC stands for "Radio Controlled". Vehicles managed with radio brake controls and receivers are called RC models. In addition to models such as RC Car, RC Boat, RC Airplane, models such as drones and submarines can be counted as RC.

RC vehicles are divided into electric and fuel vehicles. You can start your RC hobby by choosing the vehicle with the most suitable engine type for you!