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Traxxas  |  SKU: T49077-3

Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3

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Öne Çıkan Özellikler

  • Efsanevi TRX3.3 Nitro Motor
  • TSM yol tutuş sistemi
  • 90 kmh hız!

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⏩️ Havale/EFT

Age-old engineering!

It was designed beyond its time 10 years ago, and even today it challenges its competitors with its balance, power and design.

The 4x4 monster truck fun begins with the T-Maxx!
When the T-Maxx hit the scene, an entirely new R/C driving opportunity emerged.

T-Maxx, climbing terrain where others wouldn't dare to try,
one of the world's best-selling Ready-To-Race® nitro monster trucks by jumping and snatching
became one!

Thanks to the factory-existing telemetry system, you can monitor the speed of the vehicle, battery status, engine speed and temperature from your smartphones. You can adjust the instrument panel according to you, you can choose analog or digital displays. You can put 9 different indicators on a single screen. You can set a warning on the data you want to obtain and be warned by the program when you obtain it. Thus, you will not take your eyes off your vehicle.

After you have the most ideal setting of the vehicle according to you, you can save those settings, and when you want to use it on a different track, you can adjust the vehicle again without losing your old data. Thanks to this system, tuning your vehicle according to yourself has become extremely easy and fast.

More Controlled Driving with TSM Handling System!

What is Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)?

TSM, Traxxas Stabilization Control, allows you to control the power, speed and acceleration provided by Traxxas models in a much easier and fun way. It provides more controlled turns and drift performance in all road conditions such as soil, ice, snow and asphalt. In bends and sharp turns, it allows the vehicle to go to the point you want to steer without losing control or spinning. Thus, your vehicle can make sharp turns without losing gas during turns. In addition, the TSM system helps you to stop your vehicle in sudden braking without losing control.

How does it work?

TSM is located in your vehicle's receiver. The TQi TSM receiver is controlled by the Multi Function button on your TQi remote. With this button you can turn off the TSM completely or adjust the level of assistance. The more you open the assistant level, the sharper and faster turns you can make, minimizing the loss of control of your vehicle. The more you turn the assistant down, the more likely your vehicle will be to lose control, the more control you will have. TSM will never touch the power of your engine. Power is always in the control of the user. TSM helps your vehicle to pick up your vehicle at the right angle by turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the direction where it lost control. Thanks to its sensitive sensors, it calculates the direction and angle of loss of control and turns its front tires. TSM can be disabled instantly at any time. It can also be configured from the Traxxas Link app.

Waterproof Electronics

The receiver, servo and electronics, which are placed in special waterproof boxes, give you a driving experience in all weather conditions. You can dominate the roads with your vehicle without listening to snow, rain or mud! All you have to do is press the EZ button and master the power!



- Traxxas Wireless Module, 2.4 ghz TQi telemetry system control

- Factory telemetry system

- Extended chassis, chassis lugs and transmission

- Aluminum, shiny exhaust

- Dual-stage wide-mouth air filter

- Adjustable, concealed, Revo-Spec differential

- High torque digital servos

- Chrome wheels

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